Living In A Connected World

I live in a village where you still don’t get a newspaper. There are no shops where you can recharge your mobile phone. There are no shops where you can buy clothes or books. There is no library either. If I want access to all these things, I have to travel a few kilometers to a nearby village. But that is only if I don’t have a net connection!

With internet, I can read news online. I can recharge my mobile. I can order books and even clothes. I can do all of this, even without I having to move out of my house. Internet has literally brought the world in our palms. With a fast broadband connection, I can get all the perks a city offers, sans the noise, the pollution, and the traffic.

India is witnessing an e-commerce revolution, in retail as well as services. I have stopped going to mobile shops anymore to recharge my mobile. I don’t go to Crossword to buy books, I go to Flipkart. Even though I still buy newspapers, I read a major chunk of news online. I recently placed an order for clothes on Myntra, a first for me. And I have used all these services from Mumbai as well as from my village.

If given a choice, I will happily prefer staying in my village over Mumbai. The reason is in the countryside, there is no rush for anything. The pace of living is very slow. Also, the purity of nature is something to long for. My only condition will be that I get a fast broadband connection. The technology has been a great leveler for sure.


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