Finding the G-Spot of Poonam Pandey

There are number of ways to get famous. There is a Obama way and then there is a Osama way. And then there is the third one: Poonam Pandey way!

Sex sells and no one knows it better than Poonam Pandey. But that does not mean you become a whore or a pornstar. Sunny Leone became famous only after she entered the Big Boss house.

Then how do you do it? Simple! Just titillate people, through your words and your actions and make the most noise about it. This is what Poonam Pandey does.

When Higgs boson or so-called God particle was found, she tweeted, “What’s the big deal in finding God Particle… dare them to find the G-spot !” It also made headlines, as our media is always hungry for masala news.

Poonam Pandey is an icon of soft porn. Sexual desire is the strongest desire in a human being and she is manipulating it very well. Her goal is to enter Bollywood. But sadly pornstar Sunny Leone has trumped her for now. Hard porn has won over soft porn for the time being.

Poonam Pandey is certainly not a blonde, neither in her features nor in her IQ. She is actually very smart. She very well knows what she is doing. Her thoughts are clear. Her goals are clear. And she is doing her best to achieve them. I wish her all the best.


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