Why Were Women Banned from Going to Market and Using Mobiles in UP?

A Khap Panchayat in western UP named Baghpat has ordered that women can not go to market till the age of 40. Women are also banned from using mobile phones. Let the media say whatever it wants, here are the real reasons behind this decision:

  • In rural areas, market is a filthy space, especially in Monsoon. The decision is actually a way to keep women away from diseases.
  • It is also a measure to keep the decibel at the marketplace at a minimum, as you can imagine the noise level when so many women gather at a place at the same time.
  • Apparently, the Panchayat was also not happy with the regular fights between the women and the vegetable vendors over a rupee or two. (The women would try to save their precious pennies to spend on essential commodities such as Fair and Lovely cream and lipstick.)
  • The Baghpat area has a few things in common with Wasseypur, where as you know ‘kabutar ek pankh se udta aur dusre pakh se apni ijjat bachata hai’. Sadly, women have no wings.
  • The reason the women are not allowed to use mobile phones is again for their own safety. Many reports have been published till now which state that the use of mobile phone causes cancer. It doesn’t matter if these reports are as credible as Poonam Pandey announcing a new Bollywood project. Why take a risk?
  • Women are also as adept in the use of technology as Tushar Kapoor is at acting. The Khap Panchayat thinks that it’s better both are kept away from the respective things.
  • The mobile phones had also reportedly led to more bitching as women could now talk with not only their neighbors, but also their relatives and acquaintances at any moment of time.

I hope you are now acquainted with the noble thoughts behind the decision of the Khap Panchayat and I think it is our duty to support them whole-heartedly.


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