Who Is To Blame For Corruption In India?

While on the one hand Pranab Mukherjee will be sworn in as India’s 13th President, at the same time Team Anna will go on a fast on Wednesday against the evergreen issue of corruption.

As the Anna movement has progressed, its support is waning. It has got number of detractors too, especially in the middle class section, which forms its biggest support base. But that does not mean that people of India have become less concerned or less passionate about the issue of corruption.

The mere word ‘corruption’ is enough to boil one’s heart. And most of the times, it is the political class which is at the receiving end of it. All the resources and power are concentrated in the hands of politicians. Hence, they have the highest chance of indulging in corruption and without doubt they make the most of it. The various scams exposed, including the very recent Maharashtra Sadan in Delhi, are a proof to that.

But we need to see this issue in a larger perspective. Whenever we talk of corruption, we put the blame either on the system (whatever that means) or on the politicians. But we forget that it is we, the people, who run the system. It is we, who create the politicians from among ourselves.

We need to give some time for introspection while talking about the issue. The biggest reason bribe-giving and bribe-taking is so prevalent in India is not because our bureaucrats are corrupt, but because we want our work to be done illegally or faster.

We are so morally corrupt that we even fail to understand that we are doing something wrong. One of my friend’s brother wanted admission in a particular college, but he missed the admission date. Now he is trying to secure the seat either through money or political pressure.

When a traffic police catches us for speeding or a Railway TC catches us without ticket, we are never ready to pay the fine. Our first instinct is to bribe him and get away somehow. Corruption is so seeped into our mindsets that many of us will not even acknowledge that what we do is corruption.

Since the political scams are in crores, they grab our attention. But we are as corrupt as our politicians, the only difference is in the scale.


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