Land Of Magic (Products)

As a child, whenever I used to get fever, my mom would take me to a person called Krishna baba. Krishna Baba was the bhakt of Lord Parashuram and was said to possess special powers. He had a small room, full of photos and idols of Gods. He would pray to the God and then apply the ash of the incense stick on my forehead. My mother used to believe that this would cure my illness.

India is a land of magic. Here you will find fairness creams which promise to whiten the skin of not only your face, but also your private parts. You will also find belts which give you the figure of Kareena Kapoor, condoms which give the power of a horse (forget about the original purpose you bought it for) and a cold-drink which makes you ultra-smart.

If you want success in life, just apply a fairness cream on your face. And behold, in just seven weeks, you will be on stage receiving an achievement award. My parents and teachers used to tell me, “Beta, if you want success in life, you will have to work hard.” Obviously, they were dead wrong.

In school, I was a very dull student. But I desired to score good marks. Hence before every exam, I used to pray to the God and tell him, “If you pass me with good marks, I will offer you a coconut and a pedha.”

When I grew up, my priorities shifted from marks to girls. But I had observed that my school trick had never worked. I had to find a new trick. And there it was… an ad on TV… of a deodorant which attracts girls. Could I ask for more?

If you want to know more about such products, just switch on your TV. You will be more than proud of your country, India, the magic land!


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