Where Did You Go, My Sparrow?

I find it hard to believe that sparrows and crows have disappeared from our area in the four years I was away from home. I could still believe if it was parrots, but sparrows and crows? I hope crows turn up for the upcoming Pitri Amavasya at least, otherwise it would literally turn out to be a dharm-sankat for our community..

When I was in school, I remember sparrows building nests in our front yard. I remember them chirping all around the house throughout the day. The best time to listen to their peeps would be in the afternoon, when everybody was asleep and there would be no other sound. No one liked crows chirping though and used to shoo them away when spotted.

The other fascinating thing which I remember from my childhood is the nest of the weaver bird. Weaver completely justifies its name. I mean all the bird-nests are beautiful and all, but the weaver nest is the most special. The shape of it and the craftsmanship with which it is built, makes it distinctly beautiful. If we were lucky, we used to get our hands on them while going to the school, as they used to fall from the trees sometime.

Birds are a part of our environment. They are a symbol of everything that is beautiful in our life. But as industrialization is increasing, their very existence is being threatened. I don’t know which bird is next on the list after sparrow, crow and weaver. I just hope, it’s not the beautiful heron, the last major bird remaining our area.


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