At a Loss

We are all losers. Well, not in the customary sense of the word, but we keep losing things all the time. In the past, I have lost money, pen-drive, ball pens, books, undergarments and an umbrella every monsoon season. Last year was an exception though, as I survived a season without losing one. It was no less than a miracle. I wasn’t so fortunate this year though.

There are number of reasons we lose our items of utility. Sometimes, we keep them at a place, but later come to know that they have mysteriously vanished from there. Sometimes we forget them in the public places. My friend last year forgot his college bag, containing many valuables, in the train and realized it only two hours after he got down. He no more sleeps during local train journey and strictly keeps his bag on the lap. On the other hand, my sister recently lost her 8 GB pen-drive, but is still utterly clueless how.

Forgetting things or things getting misplaced are some of the most common reasons we lose things. But there are better ones too, like that friend of yours who regularly borrows things from you, only to never return them even after reminding thousand times; or that leftist thief who is fighting the noble cause of bridging the gap between haves and have-nots. Two of my friends, who were together in a bus, recently lost their android smartphones on the very first day of their college. How cool is that?

Losing things can be such a painful and frustrating experience. If you really want to know the degree of it, try losing your college ID. You have to go through so many hassles to acquire a new one, starting from filing a FIR, even when you don’t know what the acronym stands for. Losing one’s job is also an absolute no-brainer. But some experiences are exactly opposite of it, like losing one’s virginity, which is such an exciting, emotional and yeah, sexual experience.

Losing things is such a universal experience of the human race that women from any part of the world can have endless conversations on the topic, men can have discussions on it while drinking all night and jobless people like me can blog about it. After all, every one of us have lost so many things in the past and will keep doing so in the future. Cheers!


6 thoughts on “At a Loss

  1. A jab made at certain human behaviours has always been humourous.. 🙂
    Losing things are miserable events.. you managed to make it funny!
    I was chuckling while reading this blog 😀
    keep it up!

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