Novelty and Nostalgia

Our life is defined by the moments we live and the experiences we have. But very few of these moments and experiences we wish to cherish. But these cherishable moments are what make us nostalgic later on. These are the experiences which make us seek novelty in life.

Nostalgia and novelty are two unique qualities of human experience. While one takes us to the past and makes us long for it, the other makes us do crazy stuff.

Dictionary defines nostalgia as a sentimental longing for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations. Every moment of our past life does not make us nostalgic. Only the moments which gave us pleasure, the moments which had people we liked in it, the moments in which we sought novelty, make us nostalgic.

Image Courtesy: Neha Mestry

Image Courtesy: Neha Mestry

The first cold wave of this winter made me nostalgic. For that matter, the early few days of every new season make me nostalgic. They make me revisit my past, remember the things I did as a child, the sports I played, the errands that I undertook in search of the fruits of that season or the festivals I attended as a college kid later in life.

The relation of nostalgia and novelty is like the relation of two sides of a coin, inseparable. One precedes the other. We like to indulge in novel experiences which later go on to make us nostalgic. Novelty is a very beautiful thing. We can’t experience it twice. But some of the things we do for the first time get itched in our memory for a lifetime. I still remember riding bicycle for the first time, along with my exact feeling of that moment.

For our holiday trips, we always go to the new places each time. The reason is our human desire for novelty. Novelty is exciting, because there is uncertainty, fear, and curiosity in it. Novelty and nostalgia both make our life more intriguing, more exciting and hence more pleasurable to live.


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