The Dance of Love

Guest Post by Neha Mestry

She carried her heart, an exigency of life
Like an iniquitous pain, too stubborn to leave
And he played with his, radiant and hopeful
Like the carefree winds in a field

He was an extension of hers
As colours to a drawing and ripples to water still
But for him, she was his need
Like water to thirst, and a soft touch to teenage lovers

He became her sun
Bright and warm, when coldness shrouded her heart
But for him, she was the soothing moon
She brought to rest his galloping mind

She was on the brink of an abyss, of that she was sure
When he caressed her sorrows and scars
But there was no turning back now
For he had exhumed her soul from the dark wells of misery

It was time, they both knew
The wait had been too long
They threw themselves into the flames of burning desire
As anticipation impregnated their thoughts

She shivered, as his lips met hers
So aggressive yet enchanting, their first kiss
For once she knew what she wanted
And she sighed, she sighed like never before

(You can contact Neha here.)


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