Secret Blog Elves: Blog Review

A friend of mine referred me to Secret Blog Elves — an initiative designed around Christmas — where you have to review a blog secretly mailed to you by the hosts while your own blog is reviewed by someone else. Pretty interesting, right? So I was given this blog named The Little Things That Matter. Let’s take a peek.

The blog is run by former TV producer — and now a young mother — Rituparna Ghosh. Rituparna is a veteran blogger. She has blogged at many places before, and quite regularly. The first post on the blog under review is dated August 7, 2008 (probably written for her first blog and imported on WordPress later). Ripuparna has blogged on a range of topics, including food, technology, parenting and current affairs but most of her posts are reviews of movies and books.

Most of Rituparna’s posts make for an interesting read. Each of her posts has something substantial to say, and she approaches each topic with her unique personal touch. This post, which is a review of Sonia Faleiro’s book Beautiful Thing, is so nicely written that it actually made me fall in love with the book (and so I immediately added it to my Amazon wishlist and plan to buy soon). Rituparna has used multimedia content like images and videos very nicely on her blog. But I would like her to focus just a bit more on her language and grammar.

Rituparna has taken the full benefit of WordPress features by installing quite a few Widgets. She has also created a tab menu with four tabs. One of those tabs announces her presence on multiple social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Her blog adorns a theme named The Sunspot which though I found a bit jarring for a blog which is mainly content-driven.

All in all The Little Things That Matter is quite an interesting blog. I am happy I got to review it. I have added it to my WordPress Reader list so that I do not miss on any new posts. Rituparna, if you are reading this: superb job! Keep blogging. Love.


10 thoughts on “Secret Blog Elves: Blog Review

  1. Oooppsss sorry about the gender confusion. My class mate is Tejas (shot for Tejaswini) and so that did not give any clue to me. I searched around a bit, but there was no mention of gender anywhere. As the elfs were chosen by blogeshwaris it made it easy for me to assume it must be a female. Very sorry about the mistake and will do necessary corrections.

  2. Rituparna’s blog is indeed ‘followable’. I hadn’t read her before the review activity. When I read her review of Farida’s blog, I was very impressed with her thoroughness. She has done a wonderful job of reviewing and has captured the essence, not only of the blog but also of the person, that Farida is.

    You have noticed- and mentioned- things that most reviewers (including I) have missed. I learned from you today.

    Good job done secret elf. Merry Christmas!

  3. Thank you for the review Tejas 🙂 I didn’t know it was open to men. Unfortunately you missed skipping over to my parenting blog. The Little Things That Matter has a tab that takes you to my other blog.

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