Abki Bar Modi Sarkar

Everybody loves Narendra Modi — my roommate and his office colleagues, his office colleagues and their moms and everybody else you care to ask. After all, isn’t he like, lovable? Of course he is. Who doesn’t love a guy who gets things done, like you know, make the trains run on time? He has “developed” Gujarat so much so that when you are in Gujarat, you feel like you are in the US… such nice roads and big big companies. Plus, the dude has Bollywood instincts too… the other day he was spotted stalking a woman. Wow! Such a macho man, isn’t he?


But then, however lovable you are, there are those morons who are going to hate you for some reason or the other. People found a fault with even Ram, the epitome of perfection. Haters gonna hate, as they say. And what do these haters have to say about Modi? Utter senseless crap!

Listen to this. They say we should not forget 2002! Duh! Forgiveness, dude, forgiveness! Did your religion not teach you that? Forget and move on. What if 700-800 people were killed, many more injured, women were raped and cut into pieces and men burnt alive? What if even a former MP wasn’t spared? What if his party workers participated in the acts, his police were complicit (and later, in many cases, refused to file complaints as well). But did Modi do it? No way! How could he? Wasn’t he sitting in his AC cabin when the events were unfolding? You can’t blame the guy. He is as innocent as the kids who saw their fathers go out with swords and kill their neighbours. Poor guy…being hounded by the judiciary and social activists for the crimes he didn’t commit.

And dude, look at the development he has brought to Gujarat. When you are in Gujarat, you feel as if you are in the US (in full disclosure, I have never been to the US or even Gujarat, but that’s what I have heard them say about Gujarat). Such nice roads, and such big, big MNCs and home-grown conglomerates everywhere. Those haters accuse him of giving companies cheap land and tax breaks and subsidized electricity, etc. But isn’t that a small price we have to pay to get the “development”? Oh wait… that’s not even a price. How else would we get our shiny hatchbacks or SUVs we cannot live without? To digress, I don’t know how those adivasis manage without even a bike. But why care about them anyway? We have our tall tall buildings, shiny shiny cars and broad broad roads. Wait… You say you don’t live in Gujarat and hence don’t have those nice broad roads yet? Exactly why I want to say: Abki Bar, Modi Sarkar.


Do not bother about the fact that Gujarat is worse than other progressive states like Kerala and Tamil Nadu on the Human Development Index. Gujarat lags behind many other states on implementing welfare schemes, in the condition of the health and education sectors. The Narmada project has displaced thousands of people. But do not worry about them. They do not matter. Eighty per cent of our population does not matter. They are such primitive, ignorant fools anyway. They do not even know how to rid themselves of poverty. And then they complain about their land and their water being snatched away. But unless we take their land and their forest and their water, how can we get nice nice roads and shiny shiny cars? They do not even understand this basic fact and then they start morchas and dharnas and uposhans and what not. Such primitive people. And then those haters are just too happy to take up their cause. But…haters gonna hate. Do not worry about them. Instead say with me:

Nice nice roads, shiny shiny cars
Abki Bar Modi Sarkar


9 thoughts on “Abki Bar Modi Sarkar

  1. When you got excited about the personalized Modi posters, I thought you supported him!

    Also, this time I really don’t know what is better for India. Both Modi and Rahul are the worst choices available for us. I can say that I definitely don’t want Modi, but then I definitely don’t want Rahul Gandhi too!

    I fear if Modi comes India will pass the anti-gay law, and if Rahul Gandhi comes it’ll be sheer administrative chaos. Both are vocal idiots, unlike Manmohan Singh. So maybe, that’ll be the one good thing.

    • I feel offended by your first line. 😛

      You know what I hate the most about this Lok Sabha election? The excessive focus on personalities. No one is discussing issues, ideologies, past record. We are not an authoritarian state. One person does not control the government, and in this age of coalition politics, not even one party.

  2. respected sir today shaid the panchaiti raj policy 2015 your buduth is triple but sitr village politic is very poor there

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