Guest Posts Series #3: Texting

This is the third installment of Guest Posts Series. You can read the posts from previous two installments here, here and here. This time I have decided to change the format a bit. Instead of publishing all the posts on the same page, I am going to publish each post separately. Thus the readers will be saved from the trouble of scrolling endlessly as well as each post will get equal prominence.

The topic that I have decided to explore this time is texting. I myself have written about this topic in the past (here and here). From letters to email to now instant messaging, the means to carry written word for interpersonal communication have only got better. The world is on the verge of achieving universal literacy and the adoption of mobile phones has been exponential too. As a result the use of written word for interpersonal communication is at its highest in human history. In this backdrop, three of my friends talk about their fascination (or not) with written word and their flings with texting.


Texting and Me

“Then, there are people like me who are more comfortable in expressing feelings via written words. Putting them into words is easier when you get time to think, frame correct sentences and when certain situations do demand an impersonal touch.” Janhavi Kulkarni writes…


Digitally Yours

“Texting as a communication facility has been kind to the human race, but it has taken away more than it has given. Texting has brought me closer to people whom I don’t see every day and made me indifferent to people who are around me. Ironic much?” Apoorva Nanjangud writes…


Why I Started to Text and Other Stories

“Texting is not just a convenient way of conversing with people, it’s also the simplest and the most manipulative. I can choose how much I have to reveal over a text – a convenience not available while holding a face to face chat. I can lie through my teeth and the person I am having the conversation would have no clue. Conversely, I can form a deep bond and talk about my deepest secrets and bare my heart to a person while I text, knowing perfectly well that they can’t see my face turn a perfect shade of beetroot red or that I am anxious for a reply.” Utkarsha Kotian writes…


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