Year-End Note: 2014

I am writing this note because I have to, not because I want to. I wrote my first year-end note in 2012 and then one last year, and I don’t want to break that tradition. There was a time when I used to write many personal notes. It was my need then. I was trying to make sense of lot of things and was also suffering from inferiority complex, and those notes somehow helped me deal with that. I no more have those compulsions. I also don’t have any worldly wisdom or special experiences to share. So there is a possibility that you may find this note either damn boring or an act in vanity and narcissism. (You have been warned.)

This year was kind of ordinary, but good ordinary. No great things happened, either good or bad. I like it that way actually. I like life to be simple, peaceful and predictable. Of course I like surprises too, like everybody else, but the ones which make you smile, not the ones that shock you.

The highest point of this year was probably the magazine-cum-annual report that I helped make for Junoon Foundation. We were working on it for one whole week, from writing content to selecting photos to deciding color combinations for the layout. It was exhausting and exhilarating at the same time. It was really amazing working on Junoon’s other initiatives too, be it tree plantation drive, workshops or teaching sessions. Junoon has been an integral part of my life for past couple of years and though it is for others to judge our achievements or failures, it feels great to be a part of this organisation.

I gave my MA Sociology first year correspondence exam in May which I flunked in. This will be a news (and a shocking one) to many, including everybody at the workplace. But in my defence I have told my result to anybody who has cared to ask. Shocking because people think I am smart and all, and not the type who would fail in exam papers, which of course is not true. And this exam proves that anyway. 😛

I wrote a piece for EPW in November (reproduced here), though exactly after a year’s gap. I consistently wrote for this blog as well but not as much as I wish I had. I actually wrote a lot less this year than I could have or should have. I feel kinda guilty about it. I want to remedy that in 2015. But on the other hand, I read a lot this year. I had set a target of reading 40 books on Goodreads. I managed to read 33, probably the highest number of books for me in one year, so not bad all in all. And this of course along with lot of other non-book reading (newspapers, magazines, web portals, etc).

I made a few new friends this year; hung out with at least four people with whom I was friends only through Facebook/Twitter/WhatsApp till then. A not so surprising fact — first five minutes are really awkward. 😛

Oh yes, another major event I had almost forgotten to mention. I shifted to Kalyan after staying in Mahim for about five years. And no, don’t give me that look! I have received that look about a hundred times already. So that’s it I guess. Thank you everybody who has been a part of my life this year. A very happy new year to you all! Much love!! xoxo


6 thoughts on “Year-End Note: 2014

  1. I found this note to be quite nice 🙂

    Failing in an exam is not as bad as people make it out to be. But shifting from Mahim to Kalyan.. Well that’s an altogether different story 😛

    Happy new year to you! Hope that 2015 gives you many pleasant surprises! Also, meet me some time, will you?

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